A Question?

CC000552Here we are midway through January already and what a busy start to the year but I have just managed to find a spare moment to breathe, so all is ok with the world! With my breathing now done (and ticked off my to do list) I find myself with a spare 5 minutes (yes a whole 5 minutes!) to write this blog post – only 2014 is starting pretty much where 2013 ended, with lots of questions! So I thought I would try something new – I would like to see what you think please.  Below is a question / problem that has been bothering me a little of late and I would like to know your thoughts.  The reason I want to pose the question here rather than on twitter is that I want to talk beyond 140 characters on this and I want to hear considered thoughts and responses. I would like to hear everyone’s perspective not just nursing leaders but also student nurses, nurse educators, patients and service users and social media buffs too …. Everyone adds value.

So here it is, the thing that has been bothering me:

How do we bring more sharing of evidence into our #NurseCommunity? But it’s not only the sharing of evidence that concerns me but also how do we enable and empower ourselves to take this evidence and use it to inform their practice? AND how do we then facilitate the feedback and share what we have learned throughout this process?

I would love to hear all of your thoughts and encourage you to share them below: