On a mission ..

Waaaayyyyy back when I first started blogging and tweeting I read a book called Socialnomics by Eric Qualman, who is not a nurse or in healthcare – I know I am asking you to trust me here when I say the book is a fab read with many pearls of social media wisdom that are entirely transferable to healthcare and nursing….. anyway I am diversifying slightly here, it is a good book but the point is that in that book Qualman states:

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media the question is how well we do it” 

I have to say that even back then I totally agreed with this however I realised that we had to get nurses to make a leap from using social media to using it on a professional basis – and whilst i am aware that there are many who are still struggling with this leap I feel that we need to move forward. I am currently on a bit of a mission … I think we need to stop talking about using social media, as we are here, we are using it (Ofcom tell us we are!) Lets move forward and talk about doing social media well … how can we, as nurses,  use social media to both inform our work and as part of our work?

Well the wonderful @JennyTheM and I have created a little starting point – The ABC’s of doing Twitter well ….

abc final

I hope to be tweeting, blogging and sharing lots in the coming moths around how we can do social media well as nurses – but for now a big thank you to @JennyTheM for helping me to kick start this mission