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One of the hardest things to do as a nurse that uses and advocates social media is to ignite that spark in others and help them to see the value.  My next three blog posts are entirely dedicated to the excuses, the reasons why nurses should use Twitter and getting started on Twitter in the hope that others will be inspired to share and together we can problem solve in order to achieve our common goal of having more nurses connected via social spaces.

 5 reasons nurses give for why they don’t (or won’t) use Twitter

1I have no timeI have lost count with the amount of times I have heard this one! Do you think that the likes of Florence Nightingale, Mary Secole and Edith Cavell ever used this as an excuse for anything? In addition to this those of us “in the know” can actually see how Twitter saves us time ….. I for one don’t spend time pouring over paper journals or “googling” information any more all of the information I need comes from the online nursing community that I am part of.




It’s not like FacebookNope it is not … you just have to get over this!




3Nurses are always getting into trouble using social mediaMmmmmm I would have to disagree according to a Guardian article “NHS Facebook misuse should be resolved at a local level72 separate actions were carried out by 16 trusts against staff who inappropriately used social media between 2008-09 and October 2011 …. That’s not “always” or even a lot considering the 650,000 nurses in the UK.  I am a realist when it comes to this and think that the chances are these nurses would have behaved unprofessionally anyway so social media is not to blame but rather it is purely and simply down to the behaviour of the nurses involved.  In addition this is a great reason to actually start using Twitter so that you can act as a responsible nurse role model and show others how to use it in a professional manner.



My organisation discourages it – If we always wait for others to change things we will never progress.  Be brave and rock the boat.  NHS Employers have produced a great guide “HR and social media in the NHS” that may help.



I don’t know howAhh now this is the easiest excuse to resolve, all it takes is an hour, a computer, WeNurses Twitterversity and a willingness to learn something new.


My next blog will be looking at 5 reasons why nurses should use Twitter – in the meantime please feel free to share the challenges you have faced and you resolutions via the comments box. 

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons… (Part 1)

  1. Excellent! And if you want to include in your next blog (about why nurses should use twitter) my comment in response to your NHS Leadership blog last week, feel free!

  2. Our hospital has tweet ups there’s been one from maternity & one from ED. Nurses & hospitals need to embrace twitter used well its a valuable way of reaching our communities

  3. I recently came across a latin proverb that said ‘If the wind will not serve, take the oars’ ( you know I like these quotes) & I believe this is applicable to tweeting as well. I agree with the 5 reasons stated as to ‘why not to tweet’, I have heard them as well! But this can be overcome, as the #nursecommunity stand united & constantly develop.
    You have a real flair for leadership & if anyone can convince the non-tweeting professionals, you can. I know first hand, as the twitter workshop you delivered to us in Manchester recruited nurses who didn’t believe they would ever tweet and/or micro blog.

  4. Thank you Fay – Tweet ups are a great way to get the message out there and I agree extremely valuable.

    Hi Michelle, Thank you for your kind words. Yes these reasons can be overcome and i am sure that many of us have heard them (and maybe even used them) time and time again. Standing together and keeping the message strong that its a great medium for nurses to use will help us to move forward.

  5. Great blog and so so true Teresa. I’d be rich if I had a £1 for every nurse colleague who said they didn’t have time. Totally agree in that it saves time in the long run, especially in relation to professional development. Looking forward to reading next posts.
    P.S – like your number icons!

  6. Thank you Jo …. So glad that people agree with me that it is a time saver once you get going

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