5 ways to get more followers …or not!

twitter we nursesThis week saw @WeNurses hit 7000 followers which is some achievement considering this one Tweeting nurse started off just looking for one other nurse to chat with.  The reason 7000 is so important is that its 1% of the UK nursing population so it’s a number that has become a little bit of a milestone (you can read more on the WeNurses blog post “Why reaching 7000 followers is significant”) But enough small talk what you really tuned in for was to find out 5 ways to get more followers on Twitter …. so how do you reach 7000+ followers ….

horsesCar maker Henry Ford famously said (or not said as there is some debate over it) “If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses” and in the same ilk if I ask you what you want you will say more followers …. But is that really what you want? What does more followers get you? Well more followers for starters I hear you shout at your smart phones & laptops (doh!) but what then?  Well I will let you into a secret social media is not about follower numbers and if you haven’t xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx guessed by now I am not going to tell you how to get more followers – sorry!

15824014_sMy original aim with WeNurses which was to connect and chat with one other nurse, a conversation between two people is a valuable conversation that can impact practice and because of the amplification that Twitter offers and Twitters very public nature it is akin to holding that conversation in front of many people, enabling the conversation to potentially offer value to the masses.  I could have a million followers but if a valuable conversation does not exist then I am offering my followers no value and gaining no value from my followers.  Social media is not a broadcast media people want to get involved, they want to feel and be part of it, they want communities and they want to be active members of those communities.

cliffSocial media is not about numbers it’s about people. Social media is about being social, it’s all about sharing, it’s about the giving and receiving of something valuable be that knowledge, resources, information, news or laughter.  Yes 7000 followers is an achievement but it is not a great measure to prove effectiveness of social media.  Which leaves us with the cliff hanger of what measure do we use….

Tune in next week to find out more