And the grand total is …….

Every so often on Twitter a tweet gets sent out that just captures peoples imagination and gets people talking … well last night I was the author of such a tweet when I asked:


Well that was it … the flood gates opened and nurses from far and wide shared their years of experience.  For fifteen solid hours my phone buzzed and my maths skills were well and truly challenged.

So in true Blue Peter style the totalizer now stands at :totalyears2

*75 nurses responded in total and this figure is excluding breaks

That’s A LOT of experience … in fact its an average of 21.28 years each! But the really impressive figure is if we take WeNurses 9228 followers and we then work out an estimate of the nursing years on Twitter the totalizer really does start to smoke


196,371.84 is a pretty BIG number and equates to us being around at the birth of mankind!! (give or take a few years!) So the next time that someone doesn’t get the point of Tweeting or asks you the value of Twitter then please say 196,371.84 years ! With this much nursing experience, nursing passion and nursing pride at our finger tips how can we not rock the boat, stand up and make changes and drive passion and pride into our practice? How can we not share these years of invaluable experience in every way possible …. we have a NURSECYCLOPEDIA in the palm of our hands !

196,371.84 years makes for one very wise, experienced and old nurse! Though One question remains unanswered who’s making the birthday cake ? cake

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  1. Two more questions remain. Who’s blowing out the candles? And have the emergency services been informed?!

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