A cup of tea – Day 22

Yes I follow the Tweeting Kettle on Twitter, I’m not quite sure when or even why I began to follow him (or her!) but it’s one of the random accounts I love following. ¬†Anyway this little gem flashed up on my Twitter stream today:



Life saving chats – how often do we consider a chat to be life saving? As a nurse I have never underestimated time spent to sit and chat with a patient, hold a hand, make a cup of tea and take time to listen … but do we consider this life saving ? Maybe we should? Maybe saving a life isn’t just about CPR or stemming the flow of blood …. maybe saving a life is also that moment when we stop rushing around enough to notice that someone needs to talk. I know the times that I have spent, just talking, have often been the times that my role as a nurse has had the most impact and made the biggest difference.

This video was shared on my timeline recently:

Perhaps the Tweeting Kettle isn’t quite so random … A cup to tea can be life saving #KeepTheKettleOn