A Mumuration

In my blog a few weeks back “Growing up or losing the plot” I admitted to a loathing of the word network and the coldness and mathematically driven language that is nodes and pathways.  In my dislike of this terminology in its relationship to warm, relationship-based and 3 dimensional world that is social media I set out this week to explore what others think.  Browsing through one of my favourite sites Ted Ed I stumbled across this really inspirational Ted Talk Four principles for the open world – Don Tapscott.  Now this video is a little longer than I would normally share as it takes a whopping 15 mins out of your day … but believe me its worth watching until the end (alternatively skip to the end!):

Ok, ok … so I freely admit that Don uses the word “network” (urgh!) and I am not saying that we can’t learn from networks and the plethora of theories and papers appertaining to networks but what I am saying is that we need to move on and think beyond the anonymous node and more about the wonderful individual, the growing relationships and the freedom that social media gives us. Rather than taking a computerised and mathematical approach we should take an individualised and humanistic approach to social media. Don speaks of an evolution for which he seems to have no words for until he turns to nature and the humble starling.  A Mumuration! Wow what a concept! Through collaboration, transparency, sharing and empowerment we can become something so much more than the word network, we can become something beautiful!

For me a Mumuration is so much closer to explaining the #nursecommunity than the word network – and I know that there are those of you who will say that this is not an academic based approach unlike the whole network thing, however sometimes (as with nursing) things just feel right.

A Mumuration … its worth thinking about.