A personal reflection to start 2015

images (6)It feels almost like it was yesterday – my exit interview at the nursing agency I worked for – I can hardly believe that it is actually getting on for 3 years ago now, but I will never forget the words of the manager who conducted that interview.  This was the manager who would laugh and say “Twitter!” every time he passed me who told me at my exit interview that I “would never make it on my own.” I have an awful lot to thank him for, as without his words there would have been many times when I would have given up – but his words of advice translated into a challenge for me … along with the belief that I have never been on my own!

2013logoSo much has happened since that day that I sometimes have to take time to just breathe.  WeNurses has become a wonderful and supportive community of nurses and has been duplicated across healthcare professions. Coming from a place where I had no support and rarely discussed anything with another nurse (except day to day patient care) connecting and supporting is something I feel very passionate about – no nurse, or healthcare professional, should ever feel that they are alone.  Through support and discussion we CAN make a difference – one conversation can make one difference to one person, which if in turn can improve the care of just one patient then it’s all worthwhile…. We should never underestimate the significance of starting a conversation that matters.

I have been overwhelmed this year by the recognition that I have received and it seems that 2015 is off to a flying start with the publication of The Queens New Years Honours List.  I feel humbled and honoured that people took the time to put my work forward.  It’s been quite a journey but I have been lucky that throughout I have never been on my own.

Since the day that I walked out of my exit interview and made, what seemed to be at the time, a huge jump off a very high cliff I have learnt so much …but one thing that sticks with me is this quote:


No one can doubt that social media was not taken seriously within healthcare 3 years ago, it was ignored, laughed at and shunned .. social media was not a serious or professional form of communication …. However things are changing and through drawing a circle and ensuring that everyone feels valued and included via open conversation we can make a difference.

Thank you #NurseCommunity, we have come so far and we have a long way to go but we wont be on our own.

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  1. Great blog. You are an inspiration. I especially love, “through drawing a circle and ensuring that everyone feels valued and included via open conversation we can make a difference.

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