A short and sweet #SeacoleProg update

I am not quite sure where time goes, it certainly seems to be running away with me lately! I have been meaning to take some time to reflect following the NHS Leadership Mary Seacole Programme tutorial I attended some two weeks back now and it seems that I am only just getting around to it.

digital leaderBefore the tutorial I had to admit to struggling with some of the concepts a little bit (which you can read about in my last Seacole programme blog “Here are the warts” ) so I was somewhat apprehensive going into the tutorial. However the day was a great opportunity to catch up, see how my fellow Seacolers were getting on and hear about their challenges. We took some time in the day to share each others leadership initiatives, as we are now reaching a point whereby we need to set our leadership initiatives in stone as we will be writing about our hopes and plans in our next essay. It was a fab opportunity to hear about the great things that others have planned and the challenges they face and also it was great to get some perspective on my own leadership initiative and how I can use the concepts and theories we have been learning about to underpin it.

officeI came away from the day feeling like “I can do this” and have even since applied lean principles (yes I am starting to get it now!) to my home office – I am now a lean (but not mean) tweeting machine ! But applying lean principles to my little office space is not my leadership initiative … As however impressed my one and only actual work colleague – the cat – is with this I feel my leadership initiative should involve more people than me and said cat!

spookyI am still processing my thoughts on my leadership initiative and have a meet up with a fellow student next week where I am hoping we can listen to each other and brainstorm some practicalities. I have quite a firm idea on what my leadership initiative will be and I am hoping that I will be able to use all that I have learnt so far to make it not only a success in terms of the Seacole Programme but also a worthwhile and valuable initiative. I am still a little unsure as to the size of my initiative and feel i need to make it more realistic and start small so whilst I am working out the exact whys and wherefores I will keep it between me and the cat! But please watch this space as I will share as soon as me and the cat are ready!