An Inspired December – Day 1

I have a confession to make – I have been really struggling with blogging over the past 6 months or so.  It really is very difficult to produce a weekly blog, it takes time and head space .. and as I become increasingly busy with WeNurses and WeCommunities i found that blogging is a challenge that i am not stepping up to ! #sigh :(

As always at this time of year I tend to become a little be reflective and then a little bit determined – fueled by advent breakfast chocolate this morning I have been reflecting on my lack of blogging and have become determined to do something about it.

I was further inspired by a tweet sent by Kerry Pace (@diverselearners) saying be brave, try something new today:


Here’s the rub – the way I was blogging is no longer working for me (note the distinct lack of blogs!) So here’s the solution – try something new! For the next 24 days, from now until Christmas Eve I am going to take a less considered approach to blogging.  My blogs sometimes take me hours, even days to write and this is just not viable – also I would argue that its probably not true to bloggings origins; blog is short for web log which originally were discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order. (Its true, I read it on Wikipedia) Blogs aren’t academic pieces of work, something I seem to have forgotten along the way, they are thoughts, feelings and musings.

Over the next 25 (oops 24 now!) blog entries I am going to blog from the heart, I’m not going to overthink it, I’m going to just write my thoughts and press publish.  I don’t know about you but I am often inspired by the tweets I read (this morning it was quite clearly Kerrys Tweet!) so my daily blog posts will be based on a tweet shared that day that has resonated with me.  I will try and keep my posts short (OK too late for this one I know !!!) but most importantly I will write a post every day.

It all seems a bit topsy turvy – the fact that I cant manage a weekly blog so am going to try a daily blog! However I think its about a different approach and its about inspiration … this is me being brave and trying something new ….. wish me luck :)



9 thoughts on “An Inspired December – Day 1

  1. Go for it Tree. I was talking about a very similar phenomenon regarding a reflective journal task / assignent with a student nurse last night.
    It wasn’t getting done – as it required writing, thinking and planning.
    This perception that it had to be academic and structured and in “posh” English was the barrier.
    Potential resolutions were proposed, evaluated and 1 chosen. It may even become the solution.

    A local Jive class in my town is my proposed resolution and potential solution to getting any exercise into my life. My barrier is that I despise exercise so I am reframing it and giving dance class I go as I love dancing. The chances of success are heightened as I have no travel (never going to happen if it takes me ages to get somewhere) as it is less than a mile away. This could be my solution.

    Note to self – get vlogging again.

  2. I have only ever done this Theresa- mostly because I’m a bit lazy… but partly because I think a blog is a reflection of self . For me the greatest blogs are heartfelt and true and sometimes a little bit raw. Look forward to reading x

  3. Hi Kerry,

    Thank you for the inspiration and glad to hear Jive class went well! Think sometimes we just have to change the way we do things, its sometimes not about more or less but just a different approach

    Tree x

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Yes i originally started this way – but hope that my intense 25 days of blogging will help me “reboot” :D

    Tree x

  5. Great idea Theresa. I’m in same boat. Always ‘mean to do more’ but then think of it like publishing a paper and ‘overthink / overwrite it, meaning that few blogs appear. I might put mine off to New Year Resolution :-)

  6. I agree Philip
    Blogging has seemed to have lost its original purpose. This could be due to the initial backlash that citing a blog was not the done thing, thus, in response from those of us whp can see the value they’ve become more academicised (That isn’t a word is it?)?

    One of the reasons I do vlogs is that it requires no writing and minimal planning. However, when attempting to improve the sound and image quality by using an external camera an external mic (before we did pieces direct to the PC) it has made the whole process less accessible as some set up and editing is now required. It has become a barrier to vlogging. Makes me reflect as a practitioner has big barriers can become, how small tweaks can remove them and the need to reframe them.

    I’ve done my brave thing and new thing for Dec (Jive class) but I’m with you Phillip and will re-engage in the new year. I’ll be looking out for your Phillip – feel free to nag me about mine.

  7. Hi Philip,

    No worries re the rogue “h” – so far i am finding it both liberating and challenging …. liberating because I can write about anything that catches my eye, challenging because I am having to sit on my hands so i don’t write and rewrite!!

    Good luck in the new year – will look about for more “less considered” blog posts !

    Tree x

  8. Agree Kerry – we need to get back to the “in the moment” raw feel, regardless of media … think maybe a phone for capturing instant thoughts and feelings can be very valuable. Also think academia has a lot to answer for … lets stand loud and proud .. THIS IS SOCIAL MEDIA !!

    Tree ;D xx

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