Being Human

Ok, so I admit it … I haven’t blogged on here in ages!! In fact the last time I blogged was at the start of the summer. The summer holidays are always problematic for me with 3 children it’s hard to juggle work time and family time as I am sure all you busy parents out there will agree.  I have to admit that I have been feeling rather bad about not putting any time into this blog over the summer and that somehow I had failed and then I listened to Ruby Wax talking about What Makes Us Human on BBC Radios 2’s Jeremy Vine Show.

Ruby spoke about how we have become “Extensions of our digital hardware” and that “If we go off line for even a split nano second we think the whole world will grind to a halt” At the beginning of the podcast I was really quite irate because as a staunch supporter of all things digital I felt that she was criticising everything I believed in … however after the initial shock of listening to someone berate digital had subsided I started to think that actually Ruby has a point!

I was reminded of a poem I read so long ago that I forget how and why I first came across it -


I came to a conclusion – sometimes we need to take time to be human, sometimes we either need to or have to switch off our digital selves .. and that’s OK.  Over the summer I haven’t blogged on here at all .. but do you know what ?? The world has kept turning regardless.  It’s fine to pick up and drop social media and our digital spaces as our life demands – digital spaces can offer us so much but not at the cost of having time to just stand and stare.

I had a lovely summer and I took lots of time out to just be human with my beautiful children, we flew kites, we went roller skating, we played games, we laughed, we danced and we baked! So although I admit to neglecting this blog over the summer I no longer feel bad about it :D

2 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. I’m glad you took some time to be mum :) it’s really the best job after all.

    I also like the poem entitled ” Song for fifth child ” by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton, have a look if you get chance :) Now my three babies have moved into higher education and last one flies the nest, I really cannot believe how time has moved on and feel proud I spent mum time and gave them wings to fly .

    I took time out from Social Media too over the summer and thoroughly enjoyed re discovering reading novels and stories just for enjoyment and relaxation….although I have to admit , I so enjoyed a Nursing story too !

    It’s all about balance = health and happiness .

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