Commitment, #MadeADifference and Chicken Soup

magI am a great believer in the more we look for something the more we shall see it – sounds obvious doesn’t it? But what I mean is the more we make a conscious effort to look for the good and positive things and acknowledge them the more we will begin to recognise them in ourselves and in others.  As nurses we are often so busy fire fighting and “just getting on with it” that we often don’t have time to stop and stare and recognise the good things.  This series of blogs around the 6Cs and recognising them in social media has so far been an eye opening exercise for me – here I am halfway through the 6Cs and I find that I am recognising them more and more in our online behaviour.  Having already tackled Courage and Communication I am now turning to Commitment.


smThere is no doubt that nursing is a tough job – physically, mentally and emotionally and I am of the opinion that often just by turning up to work every day and facing the challenges we face we show a commitment that many professions fail to comprehend.  However to take this role and project it into an online space shows a completely different level of commitment.  Nurses who engage via Social Media often do so in their own time, and are committed to exploring their profession in new ways using Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Facebook etc.  If you take time to look and listen you can easily see our online nursing community are using these spaces to ask questions and share things of value all to advance nursing and ultimately provide better care for our patients. By being here and questioning and sharing and supporting nurses are showing immense commitment and this is something that makes me very proud to be part of.


chickBut as I said at the top of the page sometimes the more we look for something the more we see it and this certainly happened to me this week …. On Thursday I looked down my Twitter stream and saw nothing but bad news about healthcare and nursing, and after a particularly hard day I felt that there had to be some good stuff out there that I could read to redress the balance.  So I decided to take matters in hand and sent out a tweet asking for some good nursing news – to say that I was inundated would be an understatement!! Tweets came in telling me of nursing achievements large and small and it really was chicken soup for my soul.  Then thanks to the genius of @mandyhollis3 #MadeADifference was born. The wonderful thing about this hashtag is that it brought real life nursing commitment into a digital space where it could be celebrated and shared:


I think nursing commitment is in the small things, both on and offline, and the more we look for and celebrate those small things the more we will see them and how we have #MadeADifference.