Compassion for colleagues – Day 16

I am feeling a little under the weather today, sniffing and sneezing and a bit of a headache! I know its coming… my Christmas cold…. but just at the moment I am refusing to say I am ill, in the desperate hope that I can carry on regardless.  Feeling a bot sorry for myself i posted a Tweet saying that I wasn’t ill but sniffing and sneezing, the wonderful compassionate and caring tweets that I received back have made me smile a little:

Screenshot 2015-12-16 20.06.06 Screenshot 2015-12-16 20.06.25 Screenshot 2015-12-16 20.06.36

Showing compassion and caring for our colleagues is so very easy on Twitter, as often we are jumping online when we have a quiet moment and we have the time to ask people how they are. Its very easy to spot those in need of cheering up as they often state it in their 140 characters and it takes but moments to respond and make a difference.

However this can be very tricky to do in our day to day work, colleagues rarely clearly state when something is wrong and as nurses we rarely have a moment to notice.  Yet it is so important to spot when someone is under the weather, struggling, confused or upset. taking care of our colleagues and being compassionate towards them creates an environment that everyone is happy to work in, people feel supported, valued and part of a team.. and this has a huge knock on effect to the people we care for.  As the Christmas cold season approaches please just take five minutes to ask colleagues how they are, just the fact that you asked will make them feel so much better.

As for me I am off to buy some paracetamol and soft tissues !!