Compassionate care and the #NurseCommunity

hearthandsI think care and compassion are intrinsically linked but unlike the other #6Cs this link is hard to unravel and care and compassion remain closely intertwined for many nurses – for how can we provide care without compassion and to be compassionate we need to also care.  It is because of this close relationship between care and compassion that I have chosen to explore them together, in this, the last in the series of my 6Cs blogs.

Now, for some reason I have put off tackling care & compassion until the end … well the end is here and I am rather glad that I left care and compassion until last:  Last week the #WeNurses Twitter chat focussed on compassion when guest host @heblau asked “Can nurses learn compassion?” and it seemed that all week Twitter was alight with compassion.  One of the things that particularly stuck out for me was the word cloud of the discussion:

comp wc


The words that really seem to leap out are Think Good Culture Compassionate Care and this clearly shows that nurses online really are taking compassionate care and making it part of their language online …. And, I hope, offline.

Although this shows that nurses are using all the right words when it comes to compassionate care it does not really answer the question of are nurses showing compassionate care in their online behaviour? However what ensued does – in response to the #WeNurses chat @LauraMarston92 wrote a blog “Compassion – Scared to care?” In this blog Laura outlines how during a recent placement she felt she had to “hide her compassion” and was sometimes reduced to tears – its an excellent blog that highlights some of the challenges we all face as nurses and its well worth a read. as a result of this blog Twitter saw an out pouring of compassionate caring tweets from the #NurseCommunity supporting and sharing Lauras story. Some of this compassion is evident in the replies section of Lauras blog and also in a blog that was posted as a response to Laura by @suehaines1 on the Community Blog “Compassion in care, student experience ‘scared to care’” – again well worth a read.

Compassion-Share-ItIt was wonderful to see the #nursecommunity compassionately caring for one another as to care for fellow nurses is sometimes a forgotten but important part of our role.  But compassionate care is not only shown in these “big” online happenings but also in the small quiet everyday tweets – often I see that a nurse has written that they have had a bad day and immediately they are supported by their peers, or a patient will share their story and nurses will compassionately tweet about it.

So yes I am proud to say that not only are we adopting the language of compassionate care in our tweets and blogs but we are also demonstrating a culture of compassionate care within the #NurseCommunity – and long may it continue!