6c-logoWith the launch of the 6Cs Live! Hub a few weeks ago the 6Cs have been greatly on my mind – care, compassion, communication, commitment, competence and courage may be words that have been wrapped up and presented in a new way but they are age old nursing values and it’s wonderful that they have been brought back into the forefront and language of nursing. It is my belief that we can’t talk enough about the 6Cs because I think that the more we talk about them the more we will both recognise them in others and in ourselves and the recognition of these values will reinforce and promote them within the very culture of nursing.  These days for me social media has become a huge part of my nursing life and I have been thinking a lot about how nurses are demonstrating the 6Cs in their online presence and the more I have been thinking about it the more I recognise and see it.  For many nurses the 6cs are interwoven into their behaviour and this can be seen online you only have to take time to watch and listen.  With this in mind I want to spend my next few blogs discussing each of these values and how they are shining through on social media with the aim that if we start that journey of recognising the 6Cs when we see them we will reinforce them in nursing culture.

courageNow oddly I am not going to start with care I am going to start with courage, for reasons that will become apparent as you read on! When the 6Cs were first discussed I clearly remember thinking that courage was a bit of an odd one to have in amongst them.  However the more that I thought about it the more I realised that courage is a key nursing value.  Nursing courage is can be in the smallest of things and the greatest of things. The emotional courage that we display every working day when we reach out and hold a hand, the courage we show when we nurse through emergency situations, and the courage we show when we stand up and say “that’s not right” Courage in nursing comes in many forms.

Awards_2013This week I have had to find some courage as I presented WeNurses to the judges of the EHI Awards for the best use of social media in health award.  It has to be said that I am really not the bravest of people with these sorts of things and the thought of doing this and having the responsibility of speaking for WeNurses 7609 followers absolutely terrified me! Somehow, mainly thanks to breathing deeply, I made it through the presentation and onto the judges questions.  One of the judges asked “Why do you want to win this award?” I think I must has visibly relaxed because it was a question that I had thought about a lot leading up to the judging day! My answer was simple – it was courage.  To be a nurse and discuss nursing in the very public space that is social media it takes a great deal of courage.  When all around you are telling you not to do it, when your trust have a prohibitive approach to social media and when you are scared off with stories of misconduct through social media use it takes a brave person to actually step up and be an early adopter of this media as a nursing professional.  My reason for wanting to win the award was so I would able to recognise and reward that courage in every single one of WeNurses followers.

coaching_fish2Are all of the 6Cs evident in our online behaviour as nurses – well I guess that is something I will be exploring over the next few blog posts.  Is courage evident in our online behaviour as nurses? Undoubtedly YES! Without courage none of us would be here, having the courage to go against the grain, daring to think differently and exist as a nurse within social media is incredibly courageous and each one of you have my admiration and recognition because of that.  So why did I start with courage? Well because withinxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx social media that is where we all started … with a healthyxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dose of courage.