Errrrrmmmmm – Day 21 !!

Argghhhhhhh !! It seems I have let a few days run away with me … as its now day 21 and Days 18, 19 and 20 just appear to have disappeared into the Christmas ether ! However rather than kicking myself for not succeeding in a blog post a day I would rather reflect on my experience so far:

A blog a day was a hefty challenge, especially during the Christmas period though it has (so far – 3 more days to go) been a worthwhile challenge.  Its brought me back to the heart of blogging, those momentary thoughts that require more than 140 characters.  It’s also increased my Twitter listening and reflection skills as instead of whizzing down my Twitter stream I am now considering Tweets and wondering if there is more to say or reflect on .. and I have found that indeed there is! Even in the briefest of Tweets and those Tweets that perhaps seem “everyday” there has been something that resounds and inspires. You don’t have to share an inspirational quote to get people thinking:


The daily aspect has been difficult, especially with other commitments around this festive period – but I am determined that the next three days will put me back on track.  Of course where does this leave my blogging for the New Year? I’m not sure …. but its certainly something to think about whilst eating some mince pies :)