Full circle

When I first started WeNurses I was an isolated agency nurse looking for just one other nurse to connect with. It’s really no secret that I didn’t set out to rock the nursing world or conquer the universe I really did just want another nurse to talk to.  I find myself these days often telling the story of how it was my amazing husband who got me to look for nurses via Twitter and how it was the lovely Anne Cooper who encouraged me to take it further and lead in this space. When I think back to the time I spent as an isolated, lonely and unsupported agency nurse it makes me more determined than ever to keep connecting nurses as I feel no nurse should ever feel unsupported and as if there is no one out there.

Social media has given nurses a huge opportunity to connect on a global scale and mobile technology has added to this by making those connections happen at the touch of a button and all in the palm of our hand.  Never before in the history of nursing have we been able to connect in this way and this is why WeNurses has become so successful.  Nurses sharing information, ideas, experiences, evidence, resources, knowledge and most of all support via WeNurses and the connections made through WeNurses is becoming commonplace on Twitter.

Its really quite amazing for me when a new community emerges and the start to WeSchoolNurses this week really warmed my heart.  Being a mum of three children I know how amazing school nurses are but there are so few of them so Twitter and Twitter chats are a great way for them to connect.  The first WeSchoolNurses chat was really a fantastic event as there was a wave of school nursing that came rolling over Twitter  with a really loud voice. Towards the end of the discussion some really beautiful tweets were shared but one tweet really struck a chord with me:


Why did this resonate so loudly with? Well this was me, this tweet was how I felt after my first Twitter discussion – that I was no longer alone.

I have often thought of this poem in relation to my social media journey I first encountered it through listening to Helen Bevan at a Caremakers event and it has stuck with me:

images (3)

Sometimes extolling the virtues of social media in nursing and healthcare is a bit of a struggle and sometimes I feel a little like a heretic, but to be able not only to draw a circle but come full circle and help the nurses who feel like I felt is a big thing for me.  I often say one conversation with one nurse that makes one difference to one patient is a success ….. Through conversation we can do so much good and social media is, after all, merely conversation.

My hope now is a simple one – that no nurse feels unsupported and isolated ….. and a few more full circle moments would be ace too :)