Halfway there

I can’t believe that I am now over halfway through the NHS Leadership Academy Seacole Programme ! Time really does fly and what at the start of the programme seemed insurmountable (particularly the 12 hours of study a week) now seems commonplace.  I have learnt so much but can also see I still have such a long way to go.

Last weeks tutorial was a great opportunity to reflect with my fellow students about what we have found useful so far and apply the theory we have been reading about to practice. One of the biggest realisations during this reflection for me is that not all theory fits practice (yes I know no great revelation there!) and that this is ok! Sometimes the theory is useful in practice, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes it’s partially useful and sometimes it leads to more thinking. I wrote a blog a few weeks back about being a square peg and I found out last week that it’s quite normal to be a square peg …. Phew !

mspWe also took some time out to discuss our leadership initiatives – which I have to admit to be struggling with of late. I feel that with my leadership initiative I have opened up a real can of worms! Each line of inquiry has lead to more thinking and realisation that more will need to be done – I have found myself loosing focus on the exact task in hand ! Talking about my initiative with my fellow students has really refocused me and it is now clear what I need to do – I even came home and created a focused mind map and pinned it on my wall so I can remain focused.  There is no doubt that my initiative is just the start of the journey and it will grow and develop as momentum grows but it’s important to not bite off more than I can chew and to have a realistic goal in sight.

So six months in and I have to ask myself the question “Is the Seacole Programme worthwhile?” There can be no doubt that it’s hard work, that it makes me tear my hair out at times, that the essays are the bane of my life BUT what I am learning is of enormous value and it is giving me the confidence and skills to lead.