Here are the warts!

When I first set out on the NHS Leadership Mary Seacole programme I wanted to blog about it warts and all … so far I have managed to post a few blogs but mostly positive stuff all in all …. This blog has a few warts I am afraid and I wanted to get them off my chest before I go to my next tutorial, which is tomorrow.  So here goes:

I have to admit to having a bit of a post Christmas dip.  I had an incredibly busy pre Christmas period and fell a little behind with my learning something which I wasn’t too worried about thinking I would be able to catch up over the Christmas break. Well Christmas came and went in a flurry of gifts, relatives and turkey and the catch up just didn’t happen.  In early January I made a concerted effort to get up to date and I managed to regain the ground I had lost, which at the time I felt very relieved about …..however then I hit what I now refer to as “the lean and flow wall” !! Lean and flow is a concept that is totally alien to me and not only is it totally alien but also the terminology seemed to just bamboozle me. I have though learnt this much:

This isn’t lean


And this isn’t flow:



Now matter how much I read and re-read and even re-read again I just don’t get it.  So this week I finally gave in and admitted that I just don’t know and in a moment of desperation (as I could see myself getting further and further behind) I posted a cry for help on my tutor group forum.  I am very glad I did as I then immediately relaxed and left lean and flow and moved on (thinking I will return to it and re read again after I have got some help) This story has a happy interim ending as I was so pleased when two people answered my post and now I have a bit of extra reading and am in contact with someone who gets it … that’s got to be good, hasn’t it ?!!

There is no doubt that I am still behind and that I still don’t really get lean and flow but I am feeling like it is less of a mountain to climb now.  I am hoping that with our tutor group meet up tomorrow I will come away feeling even more positive and re energised.

There is certainly a lesson to be had here though and it is that you can’t know or understand everything and it’s ok to ask for help at times.  Its also ok to “not get” something, we all have our strengths and weaknesses …. However my aim is that by my next Seacole Programme update blog I have a little more of clue about lean and flow!

2 thoughts on “Here are the warts!

  1. Hi,
    Found your Twitter message on the Seacole thread, and enjoyed reading your blog. I have applied for next intake, so keen to hear what is involved. I work as a project manager for a CSU in Stoke, mostly looking after General Practices in Burton on Trent and surrounding villages. Keen to build on my local government experience, but now a project manager in the NHS. No clinical background, but have to deal with clinicians every day, so hope this course will help me understand more about the challenges the front line staff face. Married to a recently early retired nurse, so plenty of experience hearing the frustrations! I don’t do Twitter yet, but think I’ve clicked on right button to get feeds to my Facebook account.
    Good luck with rest of the course, and look forward to reading more about it – warts and all !


  2. Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for your comment. Great to hear that you are embarking on the Seacole Programme – good luck, I am sure you will find it useful


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