Inches and miles

I have sat down several times over the past week to write a blog post and each time written a paragraph and then given up … it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but rather that I have too much to say ! Last week was a incredibly busy week for me, with the opportunity to talk about #70nursebloggers and #70midwifebloggers at an #NHS70 event, being on the Victoria Derbyshire show (brief appearance but there’s something about TV that is always exciting) ongoing work with the fab team at Plymouth University, plans for the We Active Challenge (go #nursesactive!) and a brilliant morning spent at Barts Health NHS Trust talking about nursing and social media and being nominated as one of the 70 most influential nurses between 1948 & 2018. Then there’s the news – Jane Cummings is stepping down as CNO, Jackie Smith is stepping down as Chief Exec of the NMC and Matt Hancock is the Secretary of State for health.  Then on a more personal note my son has broken his wrist, my daughter is just about to leave primary school and my dog has a sore paw and is on antibiotics and analgesia ….. my brain feels a little overwhelmed !!

And breathe !!


Here’s whats on my mind currently (each point a blog in it’s own right!)

  • Times are changing – for the better or for the worse I do not know, but whats probably most important is that we all keep striving to move forward
  • Being on TV in a bit scary – not sure how people do it all the time
  • How do we get more nurses blogging and sharing their wonderful work?
  • I’m not sure I am influential and feel like a bit of an interloper – what I do is connect and bring people together rather than influence.
  • The team at Southmead Hospital in Bristol are fab, my son is getting excellent care
  • 3 trips to London and 6 train journeys in the hot weather is not pleasant – kudos to those who have long journeys to work every day
  • Can’t wait for August and We Active Challenge – how can I inspire more nurse to join this year and how can we beat the AHP’s
  • Who is Matt Hancock? Does he have any healthcare background? Does he really not need any healthcare experience?
  • I love being with a group of nurses and getting them excited about the potential of social media
  • How do I get my dog to eat the rather large antibiotic tablets? Cheese??
  • I am going to have to be super organised to make it to all of the end of term things: Leavers School Production, Leavers Assembly, Leavers Disco ….the list goes on!
  • How will Jane Cummings and Jackie Smith’s departures affect nursing?
  • How will Matt Hancock affect healthcare?

With all of that down on paper, out in the open, shared with the world I am left wondering why? Why share this blog post? What is my key point? Well perhaps my first point hits the nail on the head … times are changing, in fact they are always changing, and we have to keep momentum going forward …. I am reminded of this picture about success:


Things … life even … may be complex and convoluted and seem like a large scribble on a piece of paper but lets not loose sight of the general direction in which we are all moving.  Celebrate the success of moving just one inch towards a common goal … which leaves me still concerned about the plethora of things invading my thoughts but recognising and celebrating how the past week has also seen some inches for miles.


2 thoughts on “Inches and miles

  1. I’d definitely say you’re an inspiring person, the example of energy and care you put into life are inspiring; simply by getting into social media and asking who’s out there was an example of a seeming ‘inch’ that’s simply expanded to many miles and influenced many of us to do more.
    Have a happy weekend, no idea if it’ll be restful so I hope you enjoy it whatever happens.

  2. Thanks for your comment Philip – sometimes i think it’s easy to feel like we aren’t moving forward at all, so it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the inches … or miles ;D

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