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The last few weeks have flown by in a flurry of tweets and blogs it seems – ever since we first launched #70nursebloggers and #70midwifebloggers I have found myself attached to my computer … in a good way!

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The idea behind #70nursebloggers and #70midwiifebloggers is simple … inspire 70 nurses and 70 midwives to get blogging (you can read more about it HERE) I don’t know what I expected when we (by we I mean me and Sam Sherrington with help and support form the fab people at NHS England) thought about bringing what was essentially an idea from a tweetchat into reality … I guess it was the hope that we would get somewhere close to 70 nurses and 70 midwives blogging .. and yes we are getting there as we now have 39 nurse bloggers and 18 midwife bloggers ! Which is amazing in such a short space of time.  What iI didn’t expect, and what hit me right between the eyes, was how overwhelmingly inspired I have been by the blogs.

70 midwife

As the person who is collating the Twitter lists, responding to the tweets and collating the Twitter moments I have felt honour bound to read each and every blog post …. but this has not been arduous … far from it in fact! What has astounded me is the breath of the nurses and midwives who have put pen to paper, we have had people from the UK, the USA and Nigeria take part, and they have come from all walks of nursing and midwifery.  There have been blogs that have informed me, blogs that have shared projects, blogs that have shared a single day or a single thought, blogs that have made me laugh and blogs that have made me cry.  The one thing that all of the blogs have had in common is the ability to energise and encourage me in a way that only nurses and midwives can.

The single most important reason as why I find so much value in blogging and tweeting is the people you meet – it’s such a fantastic way in which to surround yourself with the very best of nursing and midwifery!

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Please don’t just take my word for it … have a read of the blogs .. i promise you won’t regret it .. you will be inspired! Here they are:

#70nursebloggers…. blogs so far 

#70midwifebloggers…blogs so far

And if you are yet to write your blog post then why not take the first step and be inspired to inspire others.

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