Inspired by nursing leadership – Day 2

Day 2 of my back to the basics of blogging and not overthinking my blogs and I have to say that I have been pretty inspired by a seemingly unobtrusive tweet from Sam Sherrington (@SamSherrington)


I can practically hear people saying – well what’s so inspirational about that tweet? And with the CNO Summit starting yesterday there were certainly a whole lot more “inspirational” (note inverted commas) tweets floating around the Twitterverse…. So let me enlighten you:  This tweet is awesome because Sam is being both visible as a nursing leader and leading in a digital space with it:

  • The tweet clearly states the message (box ticked re nursing leader element)
  • Sam has chosen to compose a tweet herself rather than RT (huge tick re visible nursing leader)
  • The tweet names all who will be taking part, using their twitter handles where they have one (massive social media tick and very useful for those of us not attending the conference)
  • The tweet has a picture, so therefore will be seen by more people (there is evidence to back this up but I forget where it is!) (again MASSIVE social media leadership tick)
  • The picture also has key people tagged in it, so it is brought to the attention of others (tick, tick, tick, tick … BOOM!!)

And all of these things combined makes for some fabulous role modelling in my opinion.

I am guessing that you get that it’s a pretty awesome tweet? However how did it inspire me? Well it inspired me to keep going and to keep talking about social media and the need to do it well in nursing, doing social media well does make a difference as guess what … yes I tuned in at 4pm to listen! It made me smile as there are nurses out there using social media pretty awesomely and this is a huge change compared to 5 years ago when I first started tweeting and blogging.  Thank you Sam – great tweet and pretty fabulous leadership.