Is it really holistic care ? – Day 15

Thanks to the lovely Philip Ball (@hospicemanager) for getting me thinking today by tweeting a link to his freshly baked blog post:

In his blog Philip raises a very good point by stating “I am concerned that holistic care is a blanket term for care structures and processes that are uniform. The care cannot be person centred if the same care model is used in the same way for all.” This is certainly something to reflect on; yes we often tick all the right boxes, make sure that everyone has the correct paperwork and we assess, plan, implement and evaluate care.  We also stand up and say that we provide holistic care …. but do we really ? Do we use this phrase with a cavalier attitude, never really stopping to think about whether the people we care for feel that they have had holistic care ? After all surely only they can be the judge.

In his blog Philip also extols the virtues of One Page Profiles which I have to say I am a big fan of …. they really get to the heart of the “what matters to me” question.  Way back in march last year I was very fortunate to have @HelenHSAUK ask if I would mind someone helping me to create a one page profile and the lovely @MichelleHSA helped me to create my one page profile. (I wrote a blog about it HERE) It was a great experience to have someone take the time and find out what matters to me and it made me look at how I provide care in a very different way.  I felt that I was really listened too, that someone stopped for a while and concentrated on what I need to stay healthy and happy and that was important.

So what am I saying here ? I guess that its lets really think about the term holistic, lets not use it willy nilly, lets make sure that the care we give is holistic.  Lets start by listening to what really matters to the people we care for.