Living on the edge

I have just got back from spending a lovely few days with @JennyTheM (do you follow her on Twitter? If not then please do as her wonderful compassionate nature simply shines through) Jenny is one of those people who has taken Twitter by storm and her work with #SkinToSkin shows how much the ladies she cares for are at the heart of it all … Anyway I am diversifying slightly because it’s actually a conversation that Jenny and I had over a cup of delicious tea (in beautiful bird mugs no less!) that I want to share with you:

danger-851895_1920I’m not quite sure how we migrated into the subject but we started talking about “the edge” that place where all the amazing innovation takes place, the periphery’s of organisations where people stand alone seeing the future! Jenny and I both agreed that that “bloomin edge” is a pretty scary and lonely place to be, often the people you work with are safe in the middle not understanding the edge at all, wary of you and stepping out beside you. And knowing that at some point you may have to jump off the edge, as it seems the only way forward, is the most frightening thing EVER!

It’s a pretty long drive from Blackpool to Bristol and on my way home my mind was buzzing with the energy and ideas I got from being with Jenny and spending time with her just chatting.  My mind wandered back to “the bloomin edge” conversation and how it sometimes feel that you are stood on the edge of a cliff, being able to see the fab future, but all the time the cliff edge is being eroded away.  I thought about how it is a scary place to be ….. And then I thought …. Hang on a minute !! That doesn’t sound right ! Why would we be stood on the edge of a cliff waiting for it to be eroded away ? And the answer is we are not … And there it was, the lightbulb switching on!

bridge-918760_1920There are many people at “the bloomin edge” all being able to see and reaching for a part of the future.  We may not always see each other but after my few days with Jenny I am confident we are all there.  And we aren’t just stood there either, waiting for the erosion … We are building and creating.  Some of us may be building bridges. Some of us may be building kites and some of us may be building rocket ships …. As the cliff erodes we are busy ensuring we can get to the future.  Yes it’s scary but no we don’t have to jump, we can walk, ride and fly.

It’s pretty amazing to spend quality time drinking tea with people who are looking to the future and working to make things better …. Thank you @JennyTheM for an amazing few days and for giving me a whole new perspective on living on “the bloomin edge”


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