Making critical appraisal sexy – Day 14

I was pretty over the moon this evening after receiving this Tweet:


The reason I was over the moon is that way back at the start of the year I met with Sarah Chapman from the UK Cochrane Centre, Andre Tomlin from the Mental Elf and Sally Crowe from CASP UK and we put our head together as to how we could bring critical appraisal to Twitter.  We wanted it to be fast, friendly and fun and we wanted to create something that wasn’t intimidating and that every felt they could join in with.  We laughingly joked about how kittens were very friendly and maybe we should have critical appraisal with little fluffy kitten … Sarah was sat quietly in the corner and suddenly said what about WeCATS – standing for Critical Appraisal Twitter Session !! We loved it and #WeCATS was born.

It takes a lot to put a #WeCATS session together as we need to scout out suitable papers, ensure we know the papers well in respect to the questions asked, highlight relevant bits of the paper ready to tweet and develop infographics and pictures.  Everyone has a job on the night whether its to ask the questions, role model answering questions or being in charge of the #JargonBin we all play our part .. it truly is a team effort with some wonderful experts as part of the team.

So it really is music to my ears that people think that we making critical appraisal more friendly – which is what we set out to do … but also that @misssdjohnson thinks we are making it sexy !!! I am turning cartwheels !! Well done team #WeCATS !!

Of course don’t forget to join in the #WeCATS session this Thursday – it’s a systematic review on portion size – click HERE to see the pre chat blurb.

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