Monday morning

There was a time when on a Sunday evening I would take time to sit and plan my working week. I thought it helped me to focus and plan before the dreaded Monday morning hit … but I am not sure it did. In reality I was just a thief stealing time from precious weekend relaxation…. which I have to say that I don’t write with any irony or flippancy. Time to relax and take care of ourselves is so very important … let me say that again … it’s important to look after us too !! As nurses we spend all of our time looking after others that we often forget how vital our own health and well being is to that process; this quote says it pretty succinctly:


Yet here I am and its Monday morning and I find my head is buzzing and full of what I need to do … priorities, things that I need to remember, meetings, bank shifts, deadlines and getting organised. I can feel my heart rate starting to rise and the guilty feeling for not having sat down yesterday evening to plan … so how do I make sense of this ?? How can I stop stressing about not spending vital downtime planning my weeks work … well perhaps the key word here is “plan”

Any nurse worth their salt knows how integral planning is to the nursing process, it’s part of what we do to give good care. Yet why, when we leave the bedside, does planning become something that we do during the aforementioned very, very, very vital downtime ?? Planning helps us to ensure that things go smoothly – failing to plan is planning to fail after all. Planning is part of our work as nurses, whether it’s a care plan, a strategic plan or a plan for the week … maybe it’s time reclaim Monday mornings for planning and keep the weekend for relaxing ??

So here I sit …. Monday morning… it’s 08.48 …. I have a cup of tea and a blank diary to start my plan.