My heads underwater

Last year I really wanted to take part in the School for Health Care Radicals however I was just too busy to commit, however this year when the opportunity presented itself again I was determined to take part.  I have to admit to being a bit behind as my diary has not allowed me to take part in two of the live webinars, but the wonderful thing is that they are all recorded and shared and I can catch up! (Well done #SHCR :D)

Anyway, this week, (which was actually last weeks session … I said I was behind!) I felt a bit discombobulated during the webinar because I started to feel like I was looking at things from a very different perspective from most of my classmates.  For quite a while now I have felt like I have been on the outside of organisations, struggling to know what they know and struggling to make contact with the inside however recently what I have realised is that many people inside organisations are struggling to make contact with outside and to know what we outside know.  Helen Bevan describes this well when she says there should be no us and them but us and us … and I have to agree! But this was not the reason for my discombobulation, this was all due to this little diagram:

oscar berg

I have seen this diagram before (see The Collaboration Pyramid Revisited) and it unsettled me and I am afraid to say that it still unsettles me … why your ask? Well the reason is because it’s designed from the perspective of someone from inside an organisation struggling to make contact and know what we outside already know ….. which is not my perspective at all !!! From my perspective this diagram is upside down … so lets just turn it’s on its head:

photoNow that feels so much better (I can feel recombobulation happening as I type!) The only problem with this is that from my perspective I am underwater.  I have to admit this is what it sometimes feel like – being on the outside struggling to make contact with the inside and to know what they know ….. but here’s where I had an epiphany …. In the world where its us and us, working together some of us need to be underwater, some of us need to be a bit stealth like, some of us need to be working from this perspective.  I had the sudden realisation that the upside down underwater perspective that I am coming from is ok ! In the words John Legend “My heads underwater, but I’m breathing fine”  and its all down to us and us.

Of course this picture is just my perspective – from your perspective it could very well be different again.

So here’s to seeing things from a different perspective, turning things upside down, sideways, slantways or anyway because in the world of us and us we need all perspectives.