Next Opportunity – a lesson in resilience

I read a blog by OFCOM recently that shared some statistics around our online activity and how in the last decade our time spent online has doubled and how the use of social media has tripled since 2007.  The blog also stated that 81% of social media users check their social media apps at least once a day.  That’s some pretty impressive statistics yet despite this evidence that the uptake and understanding of social media is on the rise I still get days when I feel like I am banging my head against a proverbial brick wall.  A while ago I shared this tweet:

Screenshot 2016-04-06 20.31.49

The use of social media in healthcare is a big leap, and using social media productively and well within healthcare is an even bigger leap, however with statistics like the ones above isn’t it time that we started to look at where this could take us and the huge amount of good it can do?

On a personal level social media can help to connect us professionally, help us to learn, help us to answer questions, help us to reflect and help us with our continuing professional development.  On an organisational level social media can help us to really engage and listen to the people we care for, our staff  and the wider public.  By being in a space where a whole load of people are engaging everyday we can really start to make a difference and tap into a global expertise … however we need to engage and engage well.  We need to stop ticking the social media box and start to think “how can I / we use this to help me / us?”

I feel like I have been saying this for sometime – and it’s nothing new.  Way back when I first started engaging on social media I came across this quote from Eric Qualman:


These thoughts are nothing new – so why am I blogging about this now, I hear you ask?  Well some days the “no we don’t do social media” can be hard to face.  I guess that there is something here about resilience and keeping going … and having shared a few thoughts on Twitter today my energy was renewed by this tweet:

Screenshot 2016-04-06 20.32.09

Trying to promote and drive a new way of doing things can be hard at times; to believe that doing social media well can really make a difference when people say NO can be disheartening.  Yet strength and resilience can come from the wonderful healthcare communities on Twitter, showing and proving that indeed social media can make a difference.  This is me saying NO … Next Opportunity .. reframing and keeping going.