Plotting & planning – Day 9

Wow what a day we had yesterday! We had an amazing trip to have a look around Maxwell Hall for WeGetTogether (#WGT216) Many thanks to Salford University for making us feel so welcome.  I wanted to share with you this wonderful picture of some of the WGT16 team in deep conversation as tweeted by @VanessaLGaritty:


As we sat in the room plotting and planning my thoughts went to why we are planning this event; not only is it a great opportunity to bring a wonderful group of people together but also its an opportunity to show how we can do things differently.  I have had the privilege to be invited to many conferences some of which I have learnt lots from, some of which I have been inspired at, so of which I could not wait to get home from and some that i have even spoken at.  Its the ones that I have spoken at which have often made me reflect the most – as you stand on a stage looking out at an esteemed group of health care professionals you cant help but think … wow, there is a lot of experience and expertise in this room! I often find it strange that only one person is listened to and that we so often waste the opportunity of bringing people together.

We are hoping that WeGetTogether will be an event that will echo Twitter discussions, mirroring the way in which everyone has a voice should they wish to use it and the idea that experiences and expertise shared is a great way to learn.  The idea that everyone adds value will be hard to pull off in a real space but I certainly believe that together we can make this an event to remember.

The serious faces in this picture reflect the way we feel about the day, theres still a lot of hard work ahead but we are really determined to do our very best.