Here are some links to articles and blogs that I have written:


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Professionalism Online – Independent Nurse (Nov 2014)

How do you solve a problem like facebook? – Journal of Health Visiting (Oct 2014)

Twitter: Why health visitors should use it and how to get started – Journal of Health Visiting ( Sept 2014)


Social media – unlocking potential – Independent Nurse (Sept 2014)

Maintaining a professional approach online – Journal of Health Visiting (Aug 2014)

Using social media for continuos professional development – Journal of Advanced Nursing (Aug 2014)

Why should health visitors get involved in social media – Journal of Health Visiting (July 2014)

The many myths of Twitter for nurses – NHS Employers (July 2014)

Leading without a cape – NHS Leadership Academy (June 2014)

Nurses – why they are consistently overwhelming – NHS England (June 2014)

Nursing and Twitter: Creating an online community using hashtags – Collegian (May 2014)

WeNurses goes to Innovation Expo - NHS England (Feb 2014)


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Green eggs and ham and into the lions den – NHS England (Nov 2013)

Courage to lead in social media – NHS LeaderShip (March 2013)

Registered nurse turned social media specialist - Britains Nurses

My everyday nursing heroes – Britains Nurses

How to Twitter: The nurses guide – Britains Nurses

Whats the collective noun for a group of nurses – Britains Nurses

Remembering my Nana the nurses - Britains Nurses (May 2013)

WeNurses post chat blogs – Nursing Times


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How can nurses use social media professionally? – Nursing Times (July 2012)

What would you do if asked health advice on Twitter? – Nursing Times (March 2012)

Is Twitter changing nursing? – Nursing Times (December 2012)
Sharing and caring – Nursing Standard (July 2012)
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