#Revalidation or #RevalidationIsComing or #Rev ?

Oh wow it’s been a long time since I blogged! It’s not for want of topics, ideas or inspiration but merely due to the summer running away with me … I mean, seriously, how can it be October already?? Anyway I have to say that I have missed putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and have many things I want to blog about now I have picked up the gauntlet once again, however I want to start with something very topical .. REVALIDATION !

As I sit here typing this I know that somewhere in London the NMC Council are meeting to dot the I’s and cross the T’s regarding Revalidation for nurses and midwives. How do I know this? Well its simple the NMC Tweeted it this morning! But hang on a minute, lets rewind and back up a bit here, lets put Revalidation to one side and look a little more at the tweeting part of that …

Back when I started thinking about tweeting (cue wibbly wobbly music and wavy flashback visual effects) I remember being very cautious and nervous about being a nurse openly using social media.  I clearly remember printing off the NMC Code of Conduct and going through it step by step, with a highlighter pen just to make sure that it was ok to tweet as a nurse.  My first steps were very tentative and I was purposefully anonymous, even down to my avatar which was a lurid green nurse icon! It wasn’t that I was going to say something I shouldn’t and I certainly didn’t set out to rock any boats but I just wasn’t sure I could tweet as hardly any other nurses were.

This was over 5 years ago now and look at how far we have come!  The NMC have not only produced Social Media Guidance but have already updated and revised it, social media is mentioned in the new NMC Code Of Conduct, which, incidentally was launched admist a flurry of selfies of nurses with their code, there is a very human side to the NMC being shown through the tweets of Jackie Smith (@JackieSmith_NMC) and Katerina Kolyva (@KaterinaKolyva) and then there’s #Revalidation.  Revalidation has been talked about so much on Twitter that people have even started sharing memes:


Ok, so I agree this meme is a bit doom and gloom but the point is that nurses and midwives on Twitter are talking about revalidation – so here I am firmly taking my hat off to the NMC, shaking them by the hand and saying a huge well done.  With the final decisions being made about Revalidation today I find myself in a quite smug place; I feel that I already know about revalidation, I have read all the info, watched the pilots with interests and really started to think about how revalidation will help me to nurse.  So unless today’s NMC Council meeting throws up a massive curve ball I feel very happy about Revalidation, I feel informed, I feel part of it and this is all due to social media!

Having said all of that the only negative here (I do like to present a balanced blog) is the hashtag – #Revalidation! Not only does it take up 13 of my precious 140 characters but when I type it in a word document the little red line appears under it as spellcheck thinks I should be typing re-validation, AND because of this I have lost count of the amount of times I have misspelt R-E-V-A-L-I-D-A-T-I-O-N !!! Maybe we could have had #Rev? No? Perhaps you are right dear reader … #Revalidation is here to stay :)