Saying sorry – Day 12

This morning I briefly scanned down my Twitter stream and this tweet from @maxwele2 caught my eye (original Tweet by @sarasiobhan):

I clicked on the link and had a read and what struck me was that whilst appearing to apologise sometimes the language we use means we are doing no such thing.  The subtleties in how we say things, what we decide to say and what we decide not to say can really mean so much.  This blog is a fascinating analysis of what is described as ‘non- apologies” and identifies some nuances of linguistics that were intended to smooth over stormy waters however they clearly have not.

As a nurse I feel I have to think about the language I use but I am aware that many of the subtle ways in which I say things, the turn of phrase I may use may not always convey my meaning accurately.  However we have to use a plethora of communication skills so that if our meaning is missed or misread we pick up on it quickly and rectify it … this is easier to do in face to face communication but within written communications are we ever really sure what others read into what we write, or even don’t write?

I guess what I am trying to say, in a round about way … is that we need to keep it simple. Ditch the practised phrases, ditch the standard lines and communicate simply and effectively. We need to think carefully about the language we use and in my opinion never be afraid to say “I am sorry” these simple words really do mean so much.

This Tweet and blog really did make me stop, think and reflect – thank you @maxwele2 and @sarasiobhan.