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A good few weeks ago now I downloaded a new drawing app, I really love creative apps that allow me to explore ideas in new ways and this app was right up my street .. so I sat down to think and scribble about my favourite subject at the moment … doing social media well! This nice thing about this app was that it enables me to screen shot my scribbles and share them via twitter … which is what I did!

social medai well 2

My thoughts were following a Twitter conversation I had with @Damian_Roland around innovation – hence my starting point was the graph that he shared during that conversation.  I have felt for sometime that our message around social media and health needed to change and Damian strengthened those feelings – we need to stop talking about doing social media in health and start to talk about how we can do it well. Which then got me thinking about what “well” looks like.  So I drew a few ideas and shared them on Twitter – the really great thing about sharing ideas is that they can start to evolve and be improved upon … however this takes a little courage.  Most people shared my scribbles at face value however a few people, people who clearly do social media well entered into a conversation with me about how my thoughts could be improved upon.

Someone somewhere once said “Two heads are better than one” well that person clearly didn’t have access to social media and the collaborative power that it offers because it seems to me that sharing and developing ideas is a great way to use social media in nursing for those who have courage to share and those who are courageous enough to comment and give their thoughts.

So back to my scribbles – what happened to them? Well I did go back to them after I shared them (it was a good few weeks after, as time seemed to run away with me, as it often does!) I looked at the tweets and revisited my drawing app, I added in an umbrella of safety and tidied up a few bits here and there …. what do you think? Are you brave enough to say ? ;D



2 thoughts on “Sharing scribbles

  1. Teresa I really like this. I have been tweeting for a year but have not yet started to ask for advise or even reply much. I have also been writing a weekly blog for the organisation. It was a big step and a big commitment but it’s going down quite well. My next steps are asking for ideas and suggestions in both. I had not thought about creating a positive digital identity but I will now. Suits my need to maintain integrity. Thanks for sharing. What is the App you are using? Liz

  2. Thank you for your comment Liz and I am glad you have found this of use – the app i have been using is notepad+ – hope that helps, let me know how you get on

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