Spring cleaning

rubber-gloves-512027_1280I have been doing some spring cleaning … ok yes I know its not spring yet (I live in hope) but the new year always galvanises me into doing some sorting and tidying.  This year with the NMCs revalidation looming over the horizon my spring cleaning has extended to my digital spaces too and I have been updating, revising and adding to my social media profiles.



Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit of a worrier ….I worry about everything and if I am not worried about anything then I worry about not being worried !  So it will come as no surprise to some people when I say that I am a little worried about revalidation.  I am worried because, like quite a few nurses out there, I do not fit into a neat box.  Most of my work these days is within social media, with some clinical work chucked in for good measure.  And my learning and professional development comes from a variety of sources.  Throw into the mix that revalidation will require us to reflect on feedback from patients, relatives or colleagues and my professional portfolio just got very complicated!

All of this has been churning around and around in my head for quite sometime – which is why I decided to take action.  Since the new year started I have fully and comprehensively updated my LinkedIn profile and updated my blog information and as I started to do this I started to wonder if there was some way I could easily collate all my social media nursing “stuff” and all of my other nursing “stuff” in one social media space.  Well this started to sound like a rather exciting social media experiment to me …  an irresistible challenge.

So I have started to formulate an idea about what this would look like and this week I have taken the first steps  into making this a reality … I sat down and drew what all my nursing “stuff” was  … and here it is >


This is going to be the first blog of a few throughout the year charting my progress of using social media as a portfolio.  I want to suck in all of my social media nursing life and my actual nursing life into a social media platform and make it a living breathing portfolio.  The mind map above is what I want to include.  I want it to be easy to update and shareable and I want it to be done using free tools.

What do you think?

Can it be done?

Well ….. if I don’t try I will never know.


2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. This is really interesting. I think the first challenge is yours and I can see you are up for that and the second will be for the regulating bodies in accepting it ! I know a number of universities who have struggled with the presentation of evidence in such formats so we might need to do some development there.

  2. Hi Maxine – yes you are absolutely right … However my current plan is simple – see if it can be done for free and with ease on a personal level. If my embryonic idea pans out then there may be a few more bridges to cross … Regulating bodies being the first. As some of us use social media more and more the evidence of CPD is social so that part does not worry me … It’s the amalgamation of the “real life” and social learning that has me head scratching. However where there’s a will there’s a way ;)

    Tree :D

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