That Tweet!!

I was just about to switch Twitter off last Thursday evening when I came across a tweet from someone I follow @KarenDawber about a NHS Choices Tweet ….. Now Karen seems to me to be an unflappable nurse type (we have never met but over the Twitterwaves you do get an inkling) and she seemed to be flapping so i scrolled down my time line to find the Tweet she was in a flap over .. I want to share with you the conversation that then took place and i would love to hear your thoughts (at the very top is the Tweet that sparked this whole debate off):



So what do you think? Brilliant use of social media? Highly inappropriate? I have since had a few offline conversations about this and other questions have also not sprung to mind – Is this the language that young people want us to use in this space? Is this how they want to communicate with healthcare professionals? Is this the way forward with sensitive subjects? I really am torn on so many different levels on this so I would really appreciate your thoughts.