The end of a journey ?

The other day I walked out of meeting and the person I was with turned and said to me “Wow. who was that in there? Where did you learn all of that!” .. they were commenting on the way that I had been in the meeting and that I was much more confident than I was this time last year and that I seemed to have changed the way I work.  I have to admit to smiling and saying “That was Mary Seacole!”

Of course what I meant was that the change in me and in particular the confidence is all due to the NHS Leadership Academy’s Mary Seacole Programme .. which, over the past year, I have been utterly tearing my hair out over !!! It was a huge amount of work and at times I questioned both my intelligence and sanity, and I wholeheartedly thank my fab husband, Nick, for not only providing support but also tech help when my assignments were too big to send !!!! There can really be no doubt that Seacole has made a huge difference to the way I approach things and it has helped me immensely. I have found that with greater understanding around leadership and how it fits into my role I have gained greater confidence, courage, compassion, creativity and inspiration.

This week I was really very chuffed indeed to graduate from the Mary Seacole Programme,  it was wonderful to sit beside my fellow students and hear what they have done “since Seacole finished” and to collect my certificate.  Of course there was also the inevitable question – “What next?” …. I am not sure, but I do know that the more I learn the better I can be and the bigger difference I can make.  So even though the Mary Seacole Programme has well and truly ended now I’m pretty sure my journey has just started.

Screenshot 2015-03-15 19.52.20