One thought on “Value

  1. Teresa, thanks for making this vlog.

    I think you summarise “value” and the difficulties of capturing and measuring it without quantitative data well and it is something that is an ongoing debate in my profession (Disability support).

    How can you measure the true reach and impact on individuals that directly or indrectly through reflection for example make changes in their (or others) practice? The stats may list the reach of a post calculated via RT, Likes and responses but one could argue that they can almost be viewed as “mythical” numbers.

    It is the impact of a single tweet that is impossible to measure and could effect the lurker who is not recorded by the stats.
    It is the twitter conversation particpated in or read by others at a later date that is the impetus for a imperceptible change that gathers momentum and leads to small changes in personal practice, to a collaboration that creates an article, national tour (@tommyNtour) or institutional change (Hellomynameis @KateGranger) creation of a resource (@WeNurses).

    It is the post on a tweetchat the spurs reflection in the individual who that takes it onto the ward, discusses their reflection with colleagues, researching EBP that leads to changes practice that invigorates me and other users of Twitter.

    You cannot measure in traditional terms what results from single tweet that launches so much thinking, reflection and interaction. Nor can you evaluate in traditional terms the confidence gained, the results of connections made, the utilisation of resources shared, the spread of the awareness raised in individuals and organisations and even the impact on retention of students on their courses.
    Yet we know it makes a difference.

    We need to keep making that difference.

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