#WGT16 visit to Salford Uni – Day 8

I am putting my hands up and admitting that this tweet was sent yesterday ..but is happening today:

Some of the WeGetTogether core team are meeting up at the amazing Salford University to plot and plan the day and take a little look around the Maxwell Building (which has been donated as the awesome venue for WGT16!) where the event will be held.  To say that I am excited is an understatement …. something that started as an idea via DM to Vanessa Garitty (@VanessaLGaritty) is actually going to happen!! So far we have worked really hard to find out what sort of day people want, crowdfund the event, plan who we need to help and cost out everything … but today everything gets very real …. today we will see where we are going to play host to over 200 fabulous health care tweeters!

Today we will be looking at the agenda for WeGetTogether at setting it in stone.  Part of me thinks that the agenda for the day is almost secondary to the coming together of people who talk on Twitter everyday and whats important is that people get time to spend with each other just enjoying the moment and being in one another’s company for real !!

Its a little bit scary – we’ve never done it before – we want to make it a day that people can look back on and say “what an amazing day!” We hope that the day will be an opportunity to create a blueprint on how we can merge social media and an unconference so that even people who can’t be there feel like they are really part of the day. We don’t want to pay lip service to social media at WeGetTogether by merely creating a hashtag, we want it to be integral to what we do and not only take what is going on inside to the outside but also successfully bring the outside into the unconference.

Today it feels like I am about to embark on a voyage that we have been planning for ages but that first step on the gangplank is today …. and the great thing is that there are friend and colleagues all coming along for the ride too :)