What if …

What if we were able to listen to all those conversations about us without us?

What if we could not only listen to those conversations but collate them & look for trends ?

What if we could talk with people beyond silos and hierarchies ?

What if we could share information on a global scale ?

What if we could connect with people like us and share projects, resources and ideas?

What if we had a handy pocket sized device that enabled us to do this at the touch of a button?

What if we could use clinicians and patient experience to feed into practice turning evidence based practice on its head to create practice based evidence?

What if the latest evidence and thinking was freely available ?

What if the latest evidence and thinking meant current evidence and thinking not please wait 6 months whilst we peer review it?

What if healthcare organisations valued staff and showed this through engagement ?

What if healthcare organisations valued patients and carers and showed this through engagement ?

What if we were proactive in healthcare engagement not just reactive?

What if we could search for information by just asking our peers ?

What would we do if we could do all this ?

We could call it innovation ?



All of this is possible and most of this is happening …….

……what if we were brave enough to embrace it ?

We could change healthcare

3 thoughts on “What if …

  1. Great blog. Was it inspired by anything in particular? What if all of this was aligned to our values?

  2. @AgencyNurse Interesting blog! What if indeed! Being a #Caremaker has helped me realise we can be leaders at every level. As a newly qualified nurse I’ve learnt it is good/ok to be inquisitive…it’s what we need! We can/are all researchers & the power of Twitter certainly breaks down that hierarchy…getting there? Thanks for getting me thinking & thanks for all the great work you do in connecting us all and helping to change healthcare! Xx

  3. Thanks Claire agree we are all responsible for the journey that nursing takes through social media xx

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